This is some genuine stuff, so focus:

As a matter of first importance, any email address submitted through Mail2Future1 will be kept entirely private as well as confidential and just utilized as a part of the setting of the Mail2Future1 portal. We don't share email address or some other Mail2Future1 letter information with any third party requesters.

Mail2Future1 users must be no less than 13 years old to make open letters or incorporate pictures in their letters. Users under 13 can create private letters for particular use so to speak.

Mail2Future1 maintains whatever authority is needed to alter or expel any entries for any reason. Any letters that incorporate individual data, email addresses, promotions, intemperate foulness, abhor discourse or some other substance that we esteem unseemly will be expelled without prior notice. On the off chance that you experience an "open letter" that you consider to be improper or unlawful, please tap the "report abuse" and don't hesitate to convey the subtle elements to

Mail2Future1 maintains whatever authority is needed to alter and replicate any "open, however unknown, letters" in subsidiary works, including printed materials, as the sole copyright holder. On the off chance that you have already posted an "open letter" and are not happy with these conditions, please change its status to "private."

Mail2Future1 does not prescreen "open" letters, and accordingly the perspectives communicated in these letters don't really mirror those of Mail2Future1. In no occasion might Mail2Future1 be held subject for any harms that are weighty of the utilization of the site. In the event that you find innappropriate content in broad daylight letters please tap the "Wrong" connection and the letter will vanish from people in general area presently.

You may reuse Mail2Future1 content for your own, non-business utilize, if, for instance you need to duplicate a most loved letter to your blog. Kindly do as such in a way that does not partiality Mail2Future1 or its contributing users.

Now at the end, lets discuss about our core services and it's pricings

First of all in Mail2Future1 user can definitely schedule mails as well have a written letter delivered on the provided postal address. The letter will be printed in 'Old Typewriter' fonts with a Vintage looking paper to give the feel to recepient that it was actually written long ago with some true feelings in it.

We at Mail2Future1 requests the user to built a trust factor that none of their private letters will be read or reused anywhere. That is it will kept highly confidential.

In dashboard area user can see if there are mails / letters written for him/her. To spoil the excitement user need to redeem it with respective points.

Following are the Pricing to get Points:

Rupees : Points

125 : 100

250 : 230

500 : 500

1000 : 1100

2500 : 3250

5000 : 7000

One can use these points at :

Delivering a letter to a postal address : 250 Points

To Delete a Mail / Letter : 20 Points

To Reveal Mail / Letter : 2000 Points

Would like to make this clear as well that once the points are utilised won't be refunded or reused.

The final decision would be in the hands of Mail2Future1 team and will irrevokable.

By utilizing the Mail2Future1, you are thus accepting to the terms put forward above.