Some Common Questions...

Getting an great surprise from the past is in reality sort of an surprisingly impressive or notable thing - simply look at all the general population that concur. So send your future self a few encouraging statements or comfort or consolation in a time of great distress or sadness. Or on the other hand possibly a quick kick in the jeans. Or on the other hand make an expectation about your life, the world, your family. also, what will occur in a year, five years...more? At that point we'll do some time travel enchantment and convey the letter to you.
Utilize an email address with some potential for life span (gmail, hotmail, hurray, and so forth) instead of your place of business for that activity you despise. You can likewise change the email for your future letters from your Mail2Future1 Account page. Your letter will be conveyed from the email address: mailer (at that point the at sign), so you might need to advise your email to ensure and permit and that address and stamp those email as imperative.
In the event that you assign your email as "open, however mysterious", it will be incorporated into open letters area. Your email address will never be appeared or shared, yet the body and the subject of the letter will be. If it's not too much trouble abstain from saying particular individuals in an open letter (and on the off chance that you do, we maintain whatever authority is needed to erase your letter. Read our notice with respect to lawful and security issues for more subtle elements)
No, all email addresses are kept entirely classified and just utilized as a part of the setting of Mail2Future1. So unwind. what's more, perhaps remind your future self to unwind also.
You can send letters to others, however just on the off chance that you are an enlisted client. When they get the email, it will indicate that it was sent from your email address. So no fooling around.
From your Mail2Future1 dashboard page, you will have the capacity to delete a letter, edit its content only for the initial 48 hours of written time. And one can always change its status from open/private. After the initial period has expired user will have to use nominal points to delete the letter (prior to 15 days from the date of delivery). In any case, you can't change the date the letter was sent to or alter the substance of the letter. This, we feel, would cheat, and also a potential infringement of the space-time continuum. So please take mind when keeping in touch with the future - it's not kidding business, all things considered.
From Mail2Future1 'User Profile' page, user can add it's friend referral code. This gives 5 pionts to the new joinee as well as to the referrer.
One can use these points at :
Delivering a letter to a postal address : 250 Points
To Delete a Mail / Letter : 20 Points
To Reveal Mail / Letter : 2000 Points
Would like to make this clear as well that once the points are utilised won't be refunded or reused.
The final decision would be in the hands of Mail2Future1 team and will irrevokable.
Not to worry about it. All the letter which are assigned to be posted and having the initial delivery period of 6 months or more will get a notification mail and previlege to change the address for next 15 days of window. And yes, after this the letter will be locked and we try our best to deliver on the required date.