About the Idea...

The motivation for Mail2Future1 started back in secondary school. In seventh grade we were advised to compose a letter to our future selves and that the letter would be conveyed to us on the day we graduate secondary school. I composed the letter and as the years passed, I always remembered about the letter, wondering about its substance.

Secondary school graduation came around and I sat tensely for the letter from the seventh grader 'me' to land via the post office — it never did. Our seventh grade instructor had left the school and never posted the letters.

Right up 'til today, I think about what was in that letter and what viewpoint it would have offered me.

This experience propelled me to make a platform which is sure and secure approach to compose letters to our future self and future friends and family. At Mail2Future1, we are dedicated at enabling people and families to receive the much needed love & respect as well as point of view to their lives.

Much obliged to you,

Fawwaz Khatri

Fawwaz 22 years ago.

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